News 11th july 2017

Overburden in the field of public procurements

The number of tenders grew significantly after the new 2015. CXLIII. law came into effect, because public procurement procedures are obligatory in most European Union projects. Exceptions are the R+D and the combined (nonrefundable fund + interest granted credit) call for proposals.

The tenders put more costs on the beneficiaries, because the tender consultants’ fee is 1% of the project value. The process can be 4-6 months long, so the implementation of the project can start later.


National fundraising for the Union projects?

Nándor Csepreghy was interviewed and said that the macroeconomic indicators are so great that the government can provide 1000 billion HUF national source to complete the European Union grants.

We max expect the suspended call for proposals to open again, so there will be no new call for proposals.


Low interest for the energetics call for proposal

The “Grants combined with credit for energy efficiency modernization of buildings with renewing energy” call for proposal is open since the middle of March.

The enterprises can apply for 3 – 50 million HUF nonrefundable grant and the same amount of granted credit.

So far the submitted projects’ apply for 8 billion HUF grant, but the available grant is 91,5 billion HUF. You can see that according to these numbers this call for proposal is not the most attractive for the enterprises.


Kisfaludy Accommodation Development Plan

Last week the Kisfaludy Accommodation Development Plan was announced for SMEs, which has a 300 billion HUF available fund until 2030. For the projects 50% grant and favorable interest rate credits or the combination of both is available for:

  • infrastructural development
  • creating new capacity
  • development of services
  • creating new attractions
  • investments for the event management.

The program is open from 30th of September.


The grant for workplace training is starting soon

It will be available for SMEs and large enterprises even in the Middle-Hungary Region.

Our company not only writes the call for proposals, but we also execute the training, please feel free to contact us!



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