News 14th august 2017

The results of the most popular call for proposals are soon available

The GINOP-1.2.1-16 capacity development call for proposal’s winners will be probably announced in the beginning of September. This is one of the most popular call for proposals with nearly 180 billion HUF applied grant. The available grant is 48 billion HUF. The evaluation is according to points, so the best applications can win.


Interest for the European Union credits

The Budapest Bank made a national representative survey, according to that on the MFB points the enterprises applied for 270 billion HUF, which is more than the half of the available granted credit. It turned out that fifth of the enterprises operating in Hungary have already submitted an application in the 2014-2020 cycle.


Favorable changes in the energetic call for proposals

As we wrote earlier this call for proposal is not the most attractive for the enterprises. So far the submitted projects’ apply for 8,4 billion HUF grant, but the available grant is 91,5 billion HUF.

The call for proposal will be revised, and it can’t be submitted from 20th of July. The intermittence of application is not because of the available grant.


The grant for workplace training is starting in the end of September

It will be available for SMEs and large enterprises even in the Middle-Hungary Region.

Our company not only writes the call for proposals, but we also execute the training, please feel free to contact us!



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