News 19th june 2017

Industrial digitalization development opportunity for SMEs

A new call for proposal will be available in the summer; which supports the automatization of production processes and using CPPS methods (Cyber-Physical Production System).

The grant rate is maximum 50% with a maximum of 500 million HUF grants, from which the enterprises can purchase machines; develop the automatized production system, production technology, sensor and robotics technology, industrial cyber applications and intelligent production solutions.


The funds for the “free grant” is raising

The GINOP-8.3.1.-16 call for proposal’s available fund will be raised again, which will be the second raise this year. The call for proposal is open since last May with 40 billion HUF fund, but until the closing of this tender the enterprises applied for 144 billion HUF grant. So more rising is predictable.


Continuous but periodic announcing of winners

The announcing of the granted projects is happening periodically in the prototype development (GINOP-2.1.7) capacity development call for proposal too (GINOP-1.2.2-16). 500 winners were announced, although the deadline for this call for proposal was February. Hopefully in GINOP-1.2.1-16 (the bigger capacity development call for proposal) winners will start to be announced soon.


As it was expected the black market grew

It is the effect of this year’s growth of the minimum wage, the number of the part-time employees grew 4,6 percent to 301 thousand in the national economy.

In 2018 more wage increase is expected, which makes it more difficult for the small enterprises.


Hungary is between the leaders of the payouts

The weekly payout of grants is 4 times more in this European Union cycle than in the last one. The payouts are really good compared to the other Visegrad countries. The number of contracts in Hungary is 53%, in Poland it is 31,4%, in the Czech Republic it is 23%, in Slovakia it is 20,9%.


The grant for workplace training is starting soon

It will be available for SMEs and large enterprises even in the Middle-Hungary Region.

Our company not only writes the call for proposals, but we also execute the training, please feel free to contact us!


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