News 26th june 2017

The European Union budget after 2020 is being prepared
The draft will be ready this Wednesday; it will have a major effect on the new 2020 budget cycle. The added value will have a significant role, also the cohesion politics, and the correspondence with the national reform programs, efficient communication and the strengthening of the building industry.

The investments of the SMEs’ grew, while the big companies’ investments are getting lower
According to the data of KSH the investments of the big companies are reduced by 15% last year, while the SMEs’ developments significantly grew. The European Union grants have contributed to this.

It is not obligatory to use the e-purchasing site
The grant applicant can decide whether to use e-purchase on EPTK or not. The purchases that is more than 300.000 HUF, but don’t reach the tender value can be posted on the site.

Several thousand micro enterprises can be set in the next months
In the “Grant for young people to become entrepreneurs” GINOP-5.2.7-15, 16 billion HUF grant is available for young people between 18-30 years, in the “Grant for jobseekers to become entrepreneurs” GINOP 5.1.7-17, 8 billion HUF available grant for registered jobseekers who are over 30.
100% grant rate for 2-3 million HUF grant.

Industrial digitalization development opportunity for SMEs
The new call for proposal Industry 4.0 will be open longer; the first deadline is 18th of October.
This tender supports the automatization of production processes and using CPPS methods (Cyber-Physical Production System).

The grant rate is maximum 50% with a maximum of 500 million HUF grants, from which the enterprises can purchase machines; develop the automatized production system, production technology, sensor and robotics technology, industrial cyber applications and intelligent production solutions.

The grant for workplace training is starting soon
It will be available for SMEs and large enterprises even in the Middle-Hungary Region.

Our company not only writes the call for proposals, but we also execute the training, please feel free to contact us!



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